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Tekst o genezie

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co jak i dlaczego
Back design is very minimalistic. Geometric pattern is meant to optimize every bsingle cardistry move. Circural centre makes it perfect for flourishes like piruette, while marked borders turn every fan to be spectacular! I also wanted to create a nonobvious, misterious vibe, that’s why I combined the happily assosiciated Sun with a black background to form a contradiction.  Every single move with them seems to have something magical in it, cutting air with its natural grace.

Face cards

All face cards are 100% custom, designed with the help of the golden ratio grid. That gives a breath of fresh air to the classic USPCC illustrations, making them eye pleasing and completely unique. 


I wanted to incorporate  the dark soul of the deck to aces. The Sun is depicted on the Ace of Spades with black rays rimmed with yellow, giving the illusion of an eclipse. However others are more traditional, you can still notice some minor changes that make them look just outstanding.  

Court cards

Every card was carefully pre-planned and drawn with special attention and an extra thought given into, even though it might not be noticible at the first glance. I’m very proud of what I’ve managed to achive. They are subtle, tasteful and matching the original idea. Creating those was definitely the most time-consuming thing, but I hope you’ll agree – it was 100% worth it!